The perfect synergistic blend of you favorite immune support herbs – organic elderberry and echinacea. First, we start with our own echinacea, which if you have ever tried, you’ve already noticed that it is extraordinary. That is because it isn’t just a simple extract of the herb, but a compound extraction that includes all three parts of the echinacea purpurea, grown here on our farm, as well as echinacea agustifolia, to provide you with the full spectrum of echinacea’s immune boosting goodness. To the echinacea we add organic elderberry (sambucus nigra) which has a long standing reputation as an immune system tonic. The rich, fruity notes of the elderberry combine well with the tingly echinacea to give your taste buds a treat as well as your immune system.

(4 fl oz) 72 servings

Available in store only. VA sales tax included. Price subject to change. 


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